The Ultimate Travel Guide

“The travel experience is a must-have/ top 10 things to do on your bucket list”.
“If you haven’t traveled, you’re missing out.”
“The best way to find yourself is through travelling.”

A hate-letter to my parents

Dear Mum and Dad

I am not future-ready.
I blame you. You didn’t prepare me well for my future. The skills you taught me did nothing to prepare me for this future I am growing into.

Boulevard of broken dreams

Unknowingly, it’s been half a year since graduation. With the new year dies the words ‘we’ve just graduated’. With the new year dies the resolutions and hopes we’ve projected. Okay, maybe not for everyone. A former classmate shared that it turns out that so many of us are not in work directly related to what…

Dear Mum

Dear Mum We were at the bakery and we decided to get cakes. You were very upset from an earlier disagreement with your daughter. Both of you decided to take some time apart for a bit to cool off. We were at the bakery and we decided to get cakes. “Let’s pick out 5 flavours”….

The search for Thai Milk Tea

We find the hearts we think we deserve, and we find the hearts which are like ours, and we find the same hearts we give to others.

學習藏文Tibetan tales

學習藏文Tibetan tales
Meanwhile, do check out this latest article on my experience learning Tibetan!
This article is published on Unravel: The Accessible Linguistics Magazine and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to contribute!

I’m feeling 22

“Only a few more hours before I turn 19! I think my 19 years have been utterly fulfilling, formative and crucial. Today, my mum asked me if I regretted signing up for FASS. I mulled over the question and to my surprise, I realised that I didn’t. Perhaps a few years ago, I would have…

Better to exercise good judgment before victim-blaming

[This forum article was first published in The Straits Times ] I took the liberty of rewriting this letter. Hopefully, this is more reflective of what the original writer meant to convey. *I have no intention at all to make fun of this writer, and I chose to base my edits on her letter because…

Bus ride

“Sorry, aunty, sorry” she squeezed into her seat defeatedly.

Shh, be quiet.

“You are the decibel between apathy and empathy, between love and hate, between a smile and a frown.”

Only human

“There will be hearts in high places, in dark places, in the light
but they will not stop my own from beating.”