Being basic and jumping on the bandwagon to sg50 my blog before the year is up and #sg50 loses its relevance, though I think it already has. ūüė¶

//Life is a stage, but as with all stages, not everybody receives the spotlight nor the applause. The onus then, is for the main cast to bring attention and to acknowledge the efforts of the less visible. This entire year has been a highlight reel, all the sg50 worthy moments emphasised with the overarching discourse of improvement and betterment. As with all highlight reels, that is only a part of the story. Often, the discourse of the unrepresented is washed away and their stories forgotten.//

This is a year of growth.  The growth of the nation. The growth of individuals like myself into a state-recognised adulthood. With every milestone, our burden only becomes heavier. With our entry into adulthood, we have the added responsibility to speak for others. Without losing our own voices, I think we have to let other voices be heard. We mature through the various discourses we live through vicariously. Our lives are enriched with our experiences, but these experiences cannot be only for personal enjoyment. They have to be shared, they have to become more than entertainment, they have to become who we are and how we behave. We have to be mindful that our highlight reels are grounded in privilege. And as we grow, our highlight reels should become less of for personal glory and affirmation than it is for capitalising on our privilege to highlight other discourses.

Issues of representation invariably abound, and these issues can never be truly resolved as we are essentially social creatures, where the meanings we take are inadvertently influenced by the meanings of others. I believe that the only way to transcend such issues is to have an genuine and willing heart. With a genuine heart, our representations of others become close to the truth and not of pity, our sharing becomes one of empathy and a call to action.

We are all people of influence, some more so than others. I hope that we would all consider our privilege, before judging the lives of others. The way the world functions dictates that there would always be a more and a less; there would always be a disparity in privilege. However, the baseline of privilege does not always have to be absolutely low even if it is relatively less. We have to let others speak through us, if our voices can let their stories be heard.

Ending on an SG50 note, I hope that our leaders recognise the privilege they have. & if any of them haven’t before, they have to begin using their privilege to let other otherwise buried voices be heard. Our political discourse should be not be for personal glory/bragging/a game for fame. Similarly, our people have to take a more active step in negotiating their privilege to others.


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