Was going to post this under the pen-name Adele so I can go “hello, it’ s me” in an imagined dramatic revelation.
[image cr: Molly Matalon retrieved from berlin-artparasites]

Folded in the drawer.
My clothes no longer have your scent.
Your scent lingers on me
Can I download it to remember?

Vacuumed every inch it gets noiser
There is no evidence of you.
The days we spent together
Should I have stored them in Finder?

Sorted and left the trash out for the cleaner
Every sign of the past has been recycled
Your face, I always remember
It stands out though I try to drown it out on Tinder.

Everything is in place, so much neater
This is a routine I could get used to.
I remember you with my entirety
Technology doesn’t make this easier.

Dishes in the washer
Cleaned and ready for the next meal
The taste of our first date
Did I remember to rate you 5/5 on Burpple?

Opened every letter.
Bills, bills, bills.
Our conversations begin to fade
Why didn’t I think to back them up in my driver?

Pushed out the windows further
The sunlight no longer casts your shadow.
My fingers trace the outline of your back
Can I do the same in Illustrator?


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