Of bodies and love [Pt. I]

Crop tops
Exposed midriff
Flank rump calves
You have priced me
I am for you to devour
Sorry for not protecting my body

Long sleeves
Maxi, collared
Prim prig tease
Named and labelled
What a seer you are
Sorry for not showing my wild side

Shaved legs
Piercings, brunette
Love, hate that
Fashion faux pas
Tell me what to change
Sorry for not being for you

Stretch marks
flaccid, shapeless
Less desired
Even for me
This body is foreign
Sorry I didn’t poop instead

Growth spurt
Mustache, broke voice
What if I’m not tall or speak funny
Sorry I can’t make a miracle of me

Balding, big guns
Define, defined
By what lies over
The most important of me
Sorry my heart’s not more embellished

My sex
To give, withhold
Virgin, slut shamed
Of love or of hormones
Everyone has comments
Sorry I’m not sleeping with you

Mine, or yours to
Mould and build
Adapting or pandering
To your every whim
Sorry I am not mine to love

[Photo by Reylia Slaby, retrieved from Berlin-artparasites]


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