Of bodies & love [Pt. 2]

For everyone who has been told that they were less than perfect, who has imposed or had standards of beauty imposed on them. As I like to believe, FAT = Feeling Awesome Today.
So yes, I am FAT. I hope you’re FAT too. 

Tell me more about how I can be better
Let me feel the weight of your every word they hit me fast and hard
They hit me, waves over waves, and I tremble
Alone on that shore
Fully aware of my worth and how in your eyes,
Perhaps everything else doesn’t matter.

In your single-minded pursuit of beauty and what is best for me,
You have ignored the best of me,
Every brush, every stroke, each one more foreign than the next
You have reduced me to mere numbers and common descriptors.
Fat, thin, pudgy, short, thick
Who, am I relative to?
Why, am I relative to?

I could think of words you could add to your dismal vocabulary
What about kind, selfless, loyal, intelligent?
Are these words only synonyms for “you are physically attractive” to you?

Your words, each one harsher than the next,
Monosyllabic, portmanteaus
do nothing to encapsulate who I am
How can it when even I struggle
to find the words when you ask me “who are you”
every label only a facet.

Don’t only love me when you can fix me
Don’t only love my flaws
Don’t tell me how I should love myself.
I am a drawing you will never complete.

I love me for my spontaneity
I love me for who I see and know

I love me for my quirks and I
love me when nobody else does.

image: Artwork by Ina Stinimirova, retrieved 23/2/2016 from Berlin-ArtParasites


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