/Hold on to me, ’cause I’m a little unsteady/

This noise is at times too much to bear
If I’m lucky, I can hear myself above it all
I push my way through to the end
Every movement of yours deafens me and I see you
I see you clearly as if this were day, through these sounds they form you
in this unforgiving silence.


Run in the rain, soak in the sun, laugh without a care
Take in one another, let our hearts fall in line.
No overthinking to weigh down and create inhibitions.
Law of nature
If you’re lucky, it’s you
If you’re not, your orbit is falling apart.

Age  – old riddle
What goes up but can never go down?
Don’t go setting yourself on fire.
Don’t go thinking that you’ll  be safe.
Newton’s warned of this before
free-falling from euphoria
Sometimes something’s got to give

time is ticking we’re still kicking
better make full use of these moments we’re stealing
speak, hold, express, not in anger but from heart.
best-kept secret, just a tale to ward the demons.
Don’t be lazy, don’t take for granted
Once you slip up, you’ll realise you’ve come up empty.

My world still works in binaries it scares me
Advice we give we cannot take
A guilt accompanies these sunsets I’m living
Don’t for a moment think you’re undeserving
Society speaks too much for its own good
Sometimes nonsense should be our common sense
because then maybe we’d start living instead of planning
Just get going, the ones who matter would be waiting.

Image : Rébecca Dautremer , first retrieved from Berlin ArtParasites


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