1 year older!

Facebook probably didn’t remind you of this birthday~
but my blog is finally 1 year old!

I’ve always been blogging – it started from a physical diary before I migrated to the online servers. I’ve since had (and locked up) 3 blogs, all complete with embarrassing links, and posts mainly relating to friendship, love, school.

Hopefully, the language and subject matter of my blog have since become more sophisticated.

What this 1 year milestone means to me:
1. 13 posts! I’m averaging a post a month which is a horrible speed.
2. While I’m not a famous blogger, it is really encouraging to know that friends actually read what I write. I can’t even tolerate my own voice sometimes and here, there are people who actually read what I write.
3. I achieved a one-hit wonder status with my click-bait title so I’m really quite grateful for that and I will add that to my resume although I haven’t quite been able to replicate that level of success.

Moving forward from the 1 year mark:
4. 5 template changes later, I’m back to my original template with slight additions.
5. It is now easier to follow this blog, even without a wordpress account : there is a follow option in the footers AND the follow option will pop-up as a sticky on the web version.
6. I have introduced new segments (in progress) :
– Taiwan SEP, where I will blog about my exchange experience in Taiwan and also summaries/itineraries of all the trips I’ve taken complete with hostel recommendations.
– Phru Gu : What is Phru Gu?
Phru Gu refers to child in Tibetan, also, it is more accurately pronounced as Czu-Gu.
Phru Gu is a personal pet project where I will be uploading, hopefully periodically, stories (or titles if there are copyright issues) I enjoyed when I was younger! This segment is targeted at everyone with a younger sibling/relative, to parents, and to us, because sometimes we all need a reminder to believe in magic again.
Please feel free to share your favourite stories with me as well, and with any luck and inspiration, I will soon be able to upload some original work.

Lastly, keep a look out for my next post which will be out in a few days!



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