I’m feeling 22

“Only a few more hours before I turn 19!

I think my 19 years have been utterly fulfilling, formative and crucial.

Today, my mum asked me if I regretted signing up for FASS.

I mulled over the question and to my surprise, I realised that I didn’t.
Perhaps a few years ago, I would have said that I regretted my decision.
Today, I realise that I regret nothing.

Everything I’ve experienced only serves to strengthen my character and give me the courage I need.

Every unhappy thing that has occurred was accompanied by something wonderful, something valuable.

So no, I don’t regret anything because I believe that there is a learning point from everything, as cliche as it sounds.”

I have over 40 drafts saved in WordPress and this was forgotten until recently. Reading this at 22 and it is entirely humbling.

I will be starting my final year this semester and it’s honestly crazy how fast time has passed. Over these 4 years, so much has happened and I’ve grown exponentially. This is just a short reflective post as I turn 22 today. I think I’ve definitely come into my own space over these 4 years and I would venture to say that I’m happier now as well. I still don’t know what I want to do, where I will possibly go, but there is a sense of peace in knowing that I will love every road I take and try to love every path. Possibly, the key to being happy is to actively look for the happy spark of every event, to remember what it was that made you fell in love, and more importantly, to know when to let go.

I refuse to let any memory be only an unhappy one. There must surely be a reason to look back with fondness.

The people in my life – thank you for showering me with love 🙂 I naturally gravitate towards people and I’ve formed many interesting friendships and had many lovely chance encounters. I used to obsess over the permanence of friendships but now, I’m only grateful that people have chosen to walk into my life and have left a beautiful imprint. With patience and will, these imprints will hopefully grow.

I’m feeling 22 – having had a good night’s sleep, basking in the happiness of waking up without an alarm clock at 11am today, lounging on the couch with my parents, and writing down my thoughts (which has also gained so much love from so many of you).

Here’s to days of happy vibes and wishes only.



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