I wanna be the very best.

“Clap lah! I swear, Singaporeans are always not encouraging of each other.” – Mr. M.R.

We try our best, we want the best, we will only accept the best.

Suicide rates have fallen, but yet we are seeing the highest increase in youth suicides.
– Straits Times

Perhaps we’re raised by a generation of parents who want only the best, because they have so much love for us they want the best for us, they might sometimes forget to tell us that we will always be the best to them.
Perhaps, it is because we are all trying to best each other, in our society that demands a standard of ‘best’ but of which is constantly best-ing itself. Perhaps, it is because we believe these are the best moments to be trying our best. We forget that this is also a time we can easily feel our worst. Until we do.

We’re not sure if our best is the best, if it is enough.
We believe that it is our duty to be the best, and to be anything less than that would be because we’re not trying our best.

We arrive at our best, and realise that we got it wrong, this wasn’t what being best meant for others. We try to believe that, it’s enough for us to be the only ones believing in our personal best. Or, we arrive at the best, and realise that we got it all wrong, this isn’t what is best for us. At best, we would be apart, but we would be happy. At best, we would be a part, but we would be far from happy.

Of course, it would be best if we could both be happy and a part but that doesn’t always happen.
We comfort ourselves, that there would be a better tomorrow, and one day, our best will be enough.

The best thing we can do now?


Clap for yourself. Let the sound of applause wash over you and let yourself know that you’re the best. You’ve come this far.

Clap for each other. Applaud each other because we’re all trying. Encourage each other, we’re all trying.

Trying to be better parents, better students, better employees, better humans. 

and we can all be better with more encouragement and a little less demand to be the best.

Clap lah!

Our lights won’t dim each other. Our lights light up the world together.  

“Our courage will pull us through//

You teach me and I’ll teach you.”

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