The search for Thai Milk Tea

We find the hearts we think we deserve, and we find the hearts which are like ours, and we find the same hearts we give to others.



We always wish that we could have done more, could have been kinder, could have been a better person to them. It is precisely that our grief is so anchored in the past, which makes it difficult for us to move on in the present.

學習藏文Tibetan tales

學習藏文Tibetan tales
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This article is published on Unravel: The Accessible Linguistics Magazine and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to contribute!

I’m feeling 22

“Only a few more hours before I turn 19! I think my 19 years have been utterly fulfilling, formative and crucial. Today, my mum asked me if I regretted signing up for FASS. I mulled over the question and to my surprise, I realised that I didn’t. Perhaps a few years ago, I would have…