Bus ride

“Sorry, aunty, sorry” she squeezed into her seat defeatedly.


Only human

“There will be hearts in high places, in dark places, in the light
but they will not stop my own from beating.”


/Hold on to me, ’cause I’m a little unsteady/

Of bodies & love [Pt. 2]

For everyone who has been told that they were less than perfect, who has imposed or had standards of beauty imposed on them. As I like to believe, FAT = Feeling Awesome Today.
So yes, I am FAT. I hope you’re FAT too.


Was going to post this under the pen-name Adele so I can go “hello, it’ s me” in an imagined dramatic revelation. [image cr: Molly Matalon retrieved from berlin-artparasites] Folded in the drawer. My clothes no longer have your scent. Your scent lingers on me Can I download it to remember? Vacuumed every inch it…